Hidden Landscapes

Hidden landscapes are emotions painted with words. Each emotion is felt by the artist, expressed in words and then interpreted by AI. As the paint is guided across the pixels, a vignette opens up on a moment previously held beneath the surface.

Outside Forces #1
Injustice on our shores #2
Marooned (shiprekt) #3
Grit #4
The Time Watcher #5
Parties Over #6
Onslaught #7
The Road Ahead #8
Displaced #9
Bargaining Power #10
Office Hours #11
Rabbit Hole #12
Downward Pressure #13
Horizon Ahead #14
Orchestrate #15
Icarus #16
Uninvited Guest #17
The Crossing #18
Crossroads #19

The Artist Process

Each Hidden Landscape starts with a Geodetic Edition line drawing as the raw material to set the scene.

Geodetic Moment dark
Geodetic Moment light

The Geodetic Edition line drawing is itself is a derivation from one of the 100 photographs taken for the Geodetic Moments collection.

I like the idea that instead of a photograph representing the finished product, it is simply a raw material to begin again with.

Geodetic Collections

Geodetic Moments - A collection of 100 photographs taken during 'JPEG Summer'.

Geodetic Editions - Two illustrated line drawings available in dark or light.

Geodetic Illusions - An AI study of painting with emotions. 69 artworks.

Hidden Landscapes are not available for sale yet. Collection in progress.